Best Health Insurance Companies In Illinois

stephenhammond-illinoisIllinois is home to 12,859,995 million people. What every one of these people has in common is that they are required by law to have health insurance.  Just because health insurance is required doesn’t mean that finding it is easy.  With that in mind, we have created a quick list for you to review below as well as some basic information that can help you determine your need.


The Best health Insurance Companies In Illinois Are…

The answer is up to you. No, this is not a cop-out.  What will make an insurance company the best is how it meets your unique needs.  Every person will have different needs and will value different aspects of coverage differently.  If you want the best customer satisfaction then one company will be better than another that will be the best for coverage. We organize our list of best health insurance companies from by need so that regardless of what you are looking for, we can point you in the right direction.


Our Best Overall Pick

It is hard to go wrong with BlueCross.  Offering a range of policies at affordable rates,  BlueCross manages the perfect combination of customer satisfaction, superior service, and expert guidance when it comes to determining what policy is for you.  Containing the largest PPO network of any health insurance provider in the country, BlueCross is a solid option all around and the closest we can get to answering what the best health insurance companies in Illinois are.


Individual Choices

But wait, we’re not done yet!  Looking for specific coverage?  Below is our list of best health insurance companies in Illinois for specific needs.

Harken Health is the best choice if you want a Chicago area health insurance provider that includes free unlimited office visits in one of its 4 clinics.  United Health One is the best choice if you only care about customer service.  Be aware that they may be closing soon so don’t wait on coverage.  While many may complain about Aetna, it is hard to beat their coverage of specific things.  If you want PPO Exchange or Catastrophic coverage, then Aetna is your best choice.  What about those with an HMO?  Well Humana does a fantastic job at catering to HMO’s at all levels of care.  Want the best non-profit health insurance option?  Your best choice is Land of Lincoln Health.  With an emphasis on its clients, it is bar none among the best overall.  Finally, if you want the best health insurance for those over 65, then you will want to go with AARP.